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  • About the Company:
  • About the Specialist:
    • Experience
    • Publications and Presentations
      • Tissue World Americas 2002 in Miami:
            "Adding Quality Through Finishing Processes" (with Balbir Singh)
      • CMM International 2003 Conference in Chicago:
            "Using Laser Engraving in Tissue Embossing" (with Ed Giesler)
    • Patents
      • Using the USPTO Database for Patent Searching
      • Details on Ingalls' patents
  • About the Technology of Embossing:
    • Embossing Basics
      • Definition of embossing
      • Materials that are embossed
      • Purpose of embossing
      • Methods of embossing
    • Embossing, in Greater Detail
      • The fundamental mechanism:  the embossing nip
      • Types of embossing nips
      • Combinations of embossing nips
  • How to Contact Us:
    • Addresses:  Mail and Email
    • Phone Numbers:  Voice and Fax
    • Driving Directions
  • Site Map / Outline (this page)
  • Affiliations, Associations, and Memberships:
    • Individual Project Partners and Colleagues
    • Groups
  • Miscellaneous Stuff
  • ScottNet:   Alumni of Scott Paper Company.
    • Retirees and Alumni - Philadelphia Region
    • Dover Over Dinner Group (Dover DE)
    • Annual Reunion (at the Lagoon in Essington PA) and Alumni Directory
    • Alumni Golf and Dinner - Atlanta Region
    • Technology Networking Group and Directory
    • ScottNet Online Calendar of Events
  • Glossary of embossing terms

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